"Normal aging" isn't normal.

Somewhere around the age of 50, we start to decline. The switch flips and our default is decay.  And it’s precisely then that our commitment to exercise both aerobic and strength becomes so much more important. 

Despite the dread and depression about aging, much of it is a choice. You can choose to reverse some of it and largely maintain a healthy youthful you for years if not decades.  

Why do we joke about “mid-life crises” instead of celebrating “mid-life  epiphanies”! After all, it’s we who’ve had careers, acquired skills, saved for homes, raised children, had failures and come back for a win or two. At this point we have a lot to offer. Not less. 

At 55 I’d have what I’d describe as a mid-life awakening! Instead of moaning about how half my life is over, it’s come as a bit of an epiphany that I could very well live another 40 years! 

For you it might be 30 or twenty. That’s some solid time! 

So I ask you:  how do you intend to use it? 

We’re blessed to have access to the cutting edge of longevity science in podcasts and videos. And it’s our goal to have some of these uber thinkers on the channel but I think there’s an entirely different aspect of the Second Half of life that’s less examined as we contemplate or embrace retirement.

What makes for a good second half of life?  

As cyclists, many of us will be well on our way to checking the physical essentials for a great second half. 

But I think many of us also struggle to define ourselves after our careers are done. What’s next when we’re not on the bike? How will we stimulate our brains and challenge ourselves so that we can remain vital and relevant? 

While undoubtedly we live in a culture obsessed with youth, we’ve built as author Richard Rohr would say “our vessel”. Now it’s time to fill it up. 

Think about the skills we’ve built up in our lives. Consider your talents and genius just waiting to be indulged, honed and unleashed on the world. How might we deploy them in new ways we never thought we’d have the chance to that might bring a sense of fulfillment and maybe community that’s vital to living well, longer.  

talents and genius just waiting to be indulged, honed and unleashed on the world.

Without a doubt being fit and strong is the foundation for a great, fulfilling second half. Without our health, we have nothing. 

With my 23-year business at the peak of its success in earning terms, I realize I’ve been trading precious time for money. It was not bringing me or my husband and partner joy or fulfillment. So we’re going to apply our skills to a grand experiment and share it with you and it is our hope that you join us. It may blossom into something wonderful for you and us or it could fail. But at 55 – I could live another 40 years! What a thought! I’ve got time to at least try. And so far, it’s filling my vessel.

There are so many people doing amazing feats of fitness late into life. So many people realizing their god-given talents in their sixties and seventies. We’re going to bring them to this channel to learn from them and motivate us all to create and design the ultimate second half. 

Last week I told my 82 year old mom, “mom, you could live another 15 years. I’d plan on that and conduct yourself accordingly. How would you like those years to unfold?” She laughed. She knows I’m her coach for life. Literally. And she’s on it. For like the first time in her life. It’s never too late as you’ll learn in our new channel.

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